Case background

Requirement analysis

《去吧,皮卡丘》want to build a fantasy card game, each upgrade elf baby has three forms:

The first form, cute, dynamic, lively and lovely

The second form is gradually growing in the costumes demeanor, of course, the image began to cool it

The third form of dynamic effects are relatively more cool

Overall project require picture beautifully, full of playful, vivid, fresh and clean use of color, quality high.

Case highlight

From the over beginning of creation this project to the end, the whole process the concept artists were very relaxed, not only because of the whole creative process was free, even in the face of problems, clients and Myoogame are very understanding of to find solutions, together smooth and successful completion of the final project. This is a pleasant creative journey, the ultimate works in the game allow Myoogame was again fell happy work behind the developers.

Case demonstrates