Case background

《天天打枪》is a large shooting game developed by Youxigu, published by Tencent . As captain of the Aegis Board Pioneer, players can collect a wide variety of powerful weapons, unlock gorgeous powerful armored warfare wing, to enhance the strength, to fight with crazy bloodthirsty evil enemies!

Requirement analysis

Developers want it to be Korean Style, male characters handsome, female characters pretty.

Case highlight

When we got the projects , only 20 days left from the game on line, in order to ensure game on line as scheduled, art team together through the night fighting for half a month time. At such a short time, we completed 11 piece of 2D, 10 piece of 3D modeling, 30 piece of cards with high quality, and also got customer internally high praise! After the game on line, the market reaction was very hot, we were so excited about this. Adhering to the "achievements of the value of your beauty" philosophy, we have to value the beauty and do everything for you!

Case demonstrates