Case background

《潮爆三国》 is the yearly new card action game for Tencent, subvert traditional Three Kingdoms historical view, bring players into a modern fashion word. Based on the classic Three Kingdoms games, 《潮爆三国》did some pictures innovations and game play innovation, players can develop their favorite generals become his teammates, fighting together in Three Kingdoms.

Requirement analysis

《潮爆三国》is cute Q style, firmly grasp the fashion style, innovation equipments, bring players the most straightforward game experience with delicate pictures .

Case highlight

At first we surprised by the creative and subversive idea when we got the projects . Although the game is the theme of the Three Kingdoms, but his art design is no longer taking the Chinese style line. We are involved in the production of some of the animation, modeling of characters and environment. The entire production process, the management team and the art production team and the customer communicate our projects are very harmonious, delivery of projects on time, as always. When it make success, we are extremely proud it is made in Chengdu.

Case demonstrates