《梦幻仙灵》which Myoogame involved in making will load on APP Store soon

2015年04月16日    Source:本站原创

It designed by Digital Sky independent, it is a large round RPG mobile game, myoogame involved in the production of art , will officially get on in public beta soon! Quickly become the Top Three games on APP STORE, instant voice reproduction of the classic game for the first time in a mobile  to interact with the screen with thousands of people! Fully portable RPG game, subway, bus or bed, you can play everywhere you want.

To achieve Digital Sky for fantasy beauty, Myoogame team members pay many attention to "fantasy" in works. Whether it is attractively Xiao qian or beautiful Xue Jian, all characters settings are wonderful and vivid. There are those delicate game scene design aesthetic of the game allows players to wander into immersive, and unforgettable.

What are you waiting for, pick up your phone and play this game with us.