《潮爆三国》will published on Tencent soon

2015年04月16日    Source:本站原创

In late April the upcoming beta 《潮爆三国》reservation number over 1,060,000 on Wechat, breakthrough 660,000 on QQ mobile. This fashion game on Baidu search index soared to 1317 is also before the official promotion. This game is Q Korean style, use a modern way to deduct every classic characters in Three Kingdoms, beautiful images subvert players’ imagination. In game, the original roles creatively designed very cute and modern, Cao Cao with Google glasses,  Chu Xu  with Tiger tattoo, Tai Zhou with  Spartan helmet ,etc. The first impression to players are domineering, novelty and cool. In conclusion, this game lies first and foremost is fashion and lovely, full of famous generals who set up, inject sense of the modern elements like technology into the ancient Three Kingdoms generals, creating a completely subvert the traditional, very novel fashion sense.

Picture quality of 《潮爆三国》is the best interpretation of Tencent boutique proxy standards.